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Collaborating with an Italian illustrator was the perfect tonic for Perfetto Italian Gin

Fun Agency were approached by Perfetto to create a clear proposition, look and feel for their delicious range of authentic Italian Gins. The client already had great tasting liquids and existing packaging design, but they really needed a seriously good brand defining idea and a full range of campaign assets to help communicate the brand, with a clear proposition at its heart.

Branding Italian gin Perfetto

Niente Di Meno Che Perfetto!  

We looked at the current Italian Gin category and wanted to make sure we differentiated from other Italian Gins such as Malfy, who’s focus is purely mediterranean. Perfetto is produced inland near Modena, so we wanted to make Perfetto more urban, more cosmopolitan, keeping it well away from Italy and the Med.

With such a fantastic name as Perfetto, already helping to communicate the premium quality of the gin range, but also helped us develop Perfect Gin Moments. The fresh eye catching colours of Perfetto Gins mixed with the passion, and flare of Italians and their gusto for life, food and drink needed to be matched in the brand look and feel and brand tone of voice. After working through our insight phase we created the clear proposition ‘Nothing Less Than Perfect’ or in Italian 'Niente Di Meno Che Perfetto'

Keeping it authentically Italian

Next, how could we communicate that Perfetto was an authentic Italian Gin? We looked back at Italian poster art, for us art would help Perfetto standout from other Gins. We started the search for the right Italian artisit. Working with the Italian illustration agency Magnifico we commissioned the brilliant Italian illustrator Riccardo Guasco, who has produced many fantastic Illustrations and campaigns for the brands such as Martini, The New Yorker, Rapha and Moleskine. His style was perfect, bright colour blocking, contemporary style and compositions.

Riccardo working on initial sketches in his studio in Italy

Perfetto Moments

Our brief to Riccardo was simple, create a range of illustrations that depicted Perfetto Moments. Alongside these we also wanted Riccardo to create some classic illustrations depicting the two flavour ranges, Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

Perfetto Photography

Alongside Riccardo's illustrations we also needed to create a suite of perfect product and serve photography. Understated style, using perfectly simple compositions. Marble textures, colour blocking and simple cocktail props. Having previously worked with the wonderful food and drinks photographer Heidi Coppock Beard, and food stylist Tom Guise we knew they would be able to deliver just what we wanted

Product and serve photography


A tight budget needed to be spent wisely. Also working with an Italian based illustrator from our studio in Leeds was always going to have certain challenges. Working through Magnifico the illustration agency certainly made that process easier.

' Fun are wonderful to work with. At every stage they presented their ideas clearly, and from the first day we met we loved their ideas for Perfetto. We couldn't have asked for more. Perfetto!' Amy Giacobbi, Perfetto Gin


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