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Carlsberg Marston Brewing Company tasked Fun to refresh Shipyard, their iconic Portland, Maine USA brand, for the UK market. The project required an evolution of their brand iconography on pack and across brand communications, to retain existing equity whilst broadening appeal across the IPA, APA, lager and low-alcohol IPA variants.


The project included evolving the identity, to increase clarity and shelf presence, and generally boost standout in the on and off trade. We needed to introduce a clearer hierarchy of messaging and create strong style indicators, refreshing the brand overall to appeal to a wider audience.

Shipyard Fishing Approved.jpg

Maintaining the current brand equity was critical in this process to secure the brand’s existing base whilst moving the brand towards a more inclusive audience. 
The project involved careful refinements to the core brand identity, creation of multiple packaging formats, secondary packaging and POS materials. We worked closely with the multi-agency Carlsberg Marstons team here in the UK, as well as the Shipyard Brewing team in Portland, Maine, USA.

Shipyard Pub Approved.jpg

Deliverables: Refreshed identity | Packaging refresh across multiple SKUs | Outer packaging for great shelf standout | Pump/Font design | Glassware design | POS

The Outcome: The Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, USA is now the state’s largest brewer and one of the fastest growing in the US.


We commissioned the illustration with Portland, Maine-based illustrator, Bruce Hutchinson, whose contemporary illustration reinforces the brand’s authentic heritage message across elements. The Federal Jack, Shipyard’s iconic schooner was also tweaked and refined and is now stronger, more contemporary and, importantly, reproduces faithfully and consistently across all necessary sizes and applications.

IMG_1008 copy.jpg

“Working with Fun Agency is great. Their dedication, creativity and professionalism shine through and we’re delighted to have them as part of the team.”


Senior Director, Craft and Ale. Carlsberg Marstons.

Shipyard Wood Approved_edited.jpg
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