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An Innocent Pitch

This a fantastic (oldish) article from Dave Dye about the pitch process and the creative process in general. Based on his pitch work for the brand Innocent Drinks. It's great to see how ideas develop, how ideas are put to paper, and how the industry works.

Our 9 key insights:

  1. Get your ideas down as simply and quickly as you can. Spend more time thinking, less time executing

  2. Have thick skin. The client will always change their mind

  3. Listen to the client (although they may not always be right)

  4. Don't give up

  5. Don't give ideas away for free!

  6. You can't win them all

  7. Collaboration is always the best way

  8. Try and stay in control of the process

  9. Remember to have Fun

Read the whole Innocent article here:

We recommend following Dave Dyes blog Stuff From The Loft.


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