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Tetley's No.4 Premium Lager

A proper decent project. Over two lockdowns Fun worked closely with the top level senior marketing teams at Carlsberg to create the very first Lager in the 199 year history of brewing iconic Tetley ales. We were involved from the very first briefing, all the way to see it on shelf achieving national listing in the major mults.


What's it like? Well it's a sort of lager that's brewed the ale way, and it's proper decent.

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Tetley's.NO4 web - STUDIO.RT.4CANS_COLD.

‘When it came to creating a design for Tetley’s No.4, a new sort of lager brewed the ale way, we wanted to work with a new sort of agency and Fun fitted the bill perfectly. They created a striking, distinctive look and feel for us and I found them to be very responsive, highly collaborative and, yes, great fun to work with.’


Liam Newton, Vice President, Marketing, Carlsberg

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Deliverables: Proposition | Concept | Naming | Identity | Packaging design across multiple formats | Glassware, pump & tap handle | Look & Feel | Tone of voice | Copywriting | Campaign creative | POS | Supporting photography & film | Brand book

The Outcome: Tetley’s No.4 has been widely well received both on and off trade, with successful listings with Tesco and Waitrose. On trade is planned for later in the year.

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‘It was an incredible experience working with the team at Fun on the  development and design of Tetley’s No.4, their creativity, strategic thought and vision shone through at every single stage of the process. They always gave more than you asked and constantly kept pushing to get to the best result, and it was done in the best possible way full of passion, excitement and in partnership - if you’ve got a design challenge then I couldn’t recommend the Fun team any more highly - they’ll smash it for you and you'll have a great time getting there with them!’


Jon Dee, Director of Marketing, Craft and Ale. Carlsberg.

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